Grammarly: a wonderful tool for learning English grammar in use

NOTICE: this text is a practice for me, so it’s OK for you to ignore that.

as I wrote before, writing in English is an interesting way for improving our English.

sometimes, we want to write a text for ourselves, as a practice or homework. it’s OK. but in few times we want to write a text for someone that don’t know us, or for an official organization to email it (maybe something like a request or a proposal). and you don’t want to have an odd mistake in it.

I experienced this situation in last week.

in this case, I think Grammarly is a useful way to write English without odd mistake. in other words, Grammarly will correct our possible mistake in grammar, spelling, and some other respects.

it works as an extension on google chrome and is has an editor on their site, too.

also, it service us as both Free and Premium way.

if you are interested in learning more about it, you can go to their site by clicking on this link (+).

PS. with a click on the above link, you directed to the Grammarly site as my friend and if you sign in and install it for your browser, both your and my accounts will charge for premium service freely, for a week!

it’s a referral plan in marketing, I think:)